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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Before you can safely utilize chemicals in your workplace, you will need basic information on the proper use, storage and disposal of those chemicals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has determined that you have a right-to-know this information, and have required manufacturers, importers and distributors of chemical products to make certain information available in a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

This information includes physical and chemical properties, toxicity data and health effects, precautions for safe handlings and cleanup of spills, as well as emergency and first aid procedures. A SDS should be readily available for all hazardous chemicals listed on your current inventory.

If a SDS does not accompany a shipment of chemicals, your first step is to contact the distributor and request a copy. However, note, there is no current standard for SDS content and some will provide little assistance. For additional sources of chemical information, we provide the links below.

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