Waste Management

Chemical Waste

Indiana University is a large quantity generator of hazardous waste, generating approximately 45 tons of hazardous waste each year and an additional 20 tons of waste that cannot be managed as municipal trash for regulatory, health, or safety reasons.  Proper handling and disposal of this waste is critical to worker safety, the health of the community and the protection of our environment.

Environmental Health and Safety staff oversees the hazardous waste program for IUB, but our continued success depends on the efforts of well-informed and concerned faculty, staff and students.  Please use the resources provided below to inform yourself on the proper management of your waste.


Indiana University Waste Management Program

IUB Waste Management Guide (for printing) - This is a PDF version of the IUB portion of the Waste Management Guide without active hyperlinks that is available if you want to print the IUB pertinent information to keep a reference hard copy in your work area. The link above to the full program and guide contains active hyperlinks and will always have the most up-to-date information. Please check it often and update any hard copies that you print as needed.

Waste Management Guide: Section 8 - Spill Response

Campus Spill Response Poster - Please print and post in your area if you use any hazardous materials or any objectionable materials such as paints, automotive or cleaning products that might reasonably reach stormwater drains or surface waters on campus if spilled.

Waste Management Guide: Attachment A - Authorized Disposal Methods for Specific Chemicals

Waste Management Guide: Attachment B - Sattelite Accumulation Area Requirements

Waste Management Guide: Annex 1 - Hazardous Waste Determinations

Indiana University Hazardous Materials Transportation Program


  • Training
    • Hazardous Waste Management and Spill Response for Laboratories